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@realDonaldTrump Listening to Ambassador #Yovanovitch testify, it is evident that she was a career public servant. She was only removed because she would have reported corruption and that doesn’t work in the Trump Whitehouse. #MOB #GangstaRules
What a moronic analogy. How did you ever get elected?
Wow! You’ve got 3 likes.
Lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie, repeat...
My family is behind u 100%
@realdonaldtrump is a childish, reviled, unstable narcissist.
Coward! You don’t even like to travel, much less have the balls to ever serve in dangerous places, the military or even fire anyone face to face, except on fake tv show. Resign fake president!
Where's all the documents and witnesses you are blocking?
When will you stop comparing yourself with Obama? You are letting me down. You are better than Obama.
Suck it up buttercup. We don’t care @realDonaldTrump â€¦
No, he's a deliberate & malignant force of evil. Horrifying.
We need to duct tape his fingers to make America great!!
She said thank you hahahahaha stop your making my stomach hurt.
Attacking your accusers confirms their statements about you.
Waiting for her to get to that, because so far...nothing.
100% no brainer
She’s lying her mouth is getting dry
she too emotional too much gossip yovanowitch